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SharePoint 2007: Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt


When user try to open a document from SharePoint document library, the document does not open, and they receive the following error message:
“Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt.
Try one or more of the following:
* Open and Repair the file.
* Open the file with the Text Recovery converter.


We have been trying to troubleshoot this above mentioned issue by applying HOTFIX from Microsoft, but no luck!

We would like to dig more information about this issue to find out a proper solution, so we gathered the information like HTTP Trace, Network Trace, ULS Log etc. We have noticed after we analyzed the ULS log, this issue appears only one web application and other web application works correctly without any issue and we could not find any entries for problematic web application.

Similarly, we could not find any useful information from Network Trace analysis however we have found out the root cause of this issue by analyzing the HTTP Trace.  HTTP Trace shows a couple of redirection(“HTTP STATUS CODE: 307”) calls when user opening a document from the SharePoint document library.

We dig into more on why it is redirecting/omitting the HTTP calls when user opening a document from document library, finally we have found out that culprit (“Proxy pac file exception”). We did not added the exception for problematic Web application url in the proxy pac file.

After we added the exception entry in the IE proxy pac file, the issue has been resolved!


Posted by on July 1, 2011 in Office Integration, Sharepoint