Reporting Services Issue on MOSS 2007 Extranet Deployment

Scenario:As shown in following figure, we have deployed two WFEs on least trusted domain (e.g., ABC domain) and central admin, database servers, and reporting services(i.e., Reporting Services running on SharePoint Integration Mode) are in Highly Trusted Domain (e.g., XYZ Domain).

Reporting Services on Extranet MOSS 2007 Environment

Moreever there is an one-way trust between Extranet Domain and Intranet Domain. When users are trying to access or upload the rdl files to SharePoint environment, users are experiencing logon challenges (i.e., Double-Hop problem)

We were tried to engage MSFT customer support and they were said that we need to have a two-way trust between extranet domain and intranet domain. That is not make sense to our corporate architecture team. Then finally MSFT support asked us to move database+reporting services server and central adminstration server to least trusted domain (i.e., Extranet Domain) – this is obviously worst suggestion by MSFT support since we can not expose database and central administration servers to extranet. Finally, we dig into the issue and resolved the issue by adding the IP address of WFEs in host entry of each WFEs.

If you are experencing same issues as described above, please add the IP address of WFEs into host entries of each WFEs.

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Immediate Alerts are not working SharePoint 2007

We had wired experienced with immediate alerts on last week. We have two web application and alerts are working fine in one of the Web Application and suddenly alerts were stopped working on second web application. I tried to restart the alerts and update the alert templates for problematic site. But, no luck!

Then when I dig into the issue in central administration, I found out that immediate alerts timer job of content database server is in “initialized” state. After I restart the timer service on content database server, immediate alerts timer job of content database server is in “Aborted” state. Finally, we solved this issue by clearing the config cache using following steps:

1. Stop Windows SharePoint Services Timer on Windows Services
2. Go to ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config’ on front-end server and back-end server
3. Clear xml files from the above folder.
4. Open cache.ini file and restart the number into ‘1’
5. Start Windows SharePoint Services Timer on Windows Services

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Setup Guide: Creating SharePoint 2010 Development VM

Critical Path Training has created a complete setup guide that helps us get our own environment setup. It includes the following:
• Setting up a Windows Server 2008 R2 OS*
• Setting up Active Directory & DNS
• Setting up SQL Server 2008*
• Setting up & configuring SharePoint Server 2010 Beta 2

Their guide walks us though each step in a ton of detail complete with screenshots along the way. Like I said, there’s tons of detail… over 40pgs worth of helpful instructions! You don’t even need licenses for things like Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server… They show us where to get the trial / evaluation editions of these products.

This guide is provided for free from the members only section of our site. Login (or first create your free account) at & click on the Members link in the primary navigation (it isn’t there when you aren’t logged in). From there you can access all our members-only content including this document (located under the articles section titled SharePoint Server Beta 2 Virtual Machine Setup Guide).

You can download it from here

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Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010

MSDN has published an article about Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server. This article describes how to install a development environment with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. These instructions will enable us to get started with an environment that is specifically suited to developing SharePoint custom solutions.

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SharePoint 2010 Beta Release Known Issues

SharePoint 2010 Beta Release Known Issues

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Demo Video of Business Connectivity Services

Please take a look these videos to know more about business connectivity services

Here are the awesome features which you can see from this demo video.
• Full read/write capability of BCS
• Create an external content type which connects to a SQL backend
• Bring external data into SharePoint through an external list
• See how the external list provides the same functionality of a normal SharePoint list
• Take the external data into Outlook and SharePoint Workspace
• Auto-generated forms and customized InfoPath forms for external lists
• External Data Columns and using Word templates to fill in information using external data

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Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft releases a document which describes common ways to build and scale farm topologies, including planning which servers to start services on.

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