Site usage statistics out of sync – SharePoint

03 May

Last week we had a peculiar issue on the SharePoint GUI(storman.aspx) which provides the information about Storage Space Allocation. The issue is, Storman.aspx(Storage Space Allocation) file was showing more than 100GB used space which is the subjected sitecollection had never reached to 100GB. We had check the database sizes(.mdf & .ldf) and those sizes are not even close to 100GB. Finally, we had concluded that there is some bug in the GUI or this usage statistics out of sync.

I end-up in creating the PowerShell script (as shown in below) to re-sync the usage statistics using RecalculateStorageUsed() Method.

foreach ($spsite in Get-SPSite -url *) {
$oStorage = $spsite.SPBase.Usage.Storage
Write-Host Old Storge: $oStorage
$tSPSite = $spsite.GetSPObject()
$nStorage = $tSPSite.Usage.Storage
Write-Host $tSPSite.Url Updated from $oStorage to $nStorage

Also, we could have use Gary Lapointe’s STSADM extension — which has gl-recalculateusage STSADM command to sync the site usage statistics on SharePoint.

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