External user access denied – SharePoint 2007

01 Jul


It is a real hard to understand the issue from user who is working remotely at client location. Normally, IT support folks used to setup a webex session to see what is happening in their machine to understand the issue. But this method would not apply for a user can not accept or share their desktop due their work environment restrictions.
Only option is to share the screenshot between user computer and IT support professional. But IT support professional could not easily identify the root cause of an issue or troubleshoot the issue using screenshot of user desktop.


I had an experience with external user with same situation as mentioned above. So we decided to gather the information in regards to external user getting access denied. We analyzed the various areas as shown in below.

Things we gathered,
1. User account setup is okay
2. Her account works on Guest VLan on Corporate COE PC (IE7)
3. User account works on IT Support Professional home internet (IE7)
4. User account will not work on NAMSA PC (IE8)

So, it is clearly shows that IE8 is causing the issue.


We advised them to make sure their Trusted Sites zone allows ‘Automatic login with current username and password’.
Open IE, Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Trusted Sites.
1. Click ‘Sites’ and make sure the URL is in there.
2. Click ‘Custom Level’, scroll to the bottom and ensure ‘Automatic Logon with current user name and password’ is selected.

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