Backup Exec – MOSS 2007

04 Jul

Last week, I have been working with fixing the search issue. Actually,  the crawler was failed to crawl the large team site which has heavy weight document libraries with lot of folder structures – Some other people were try to fix this issue by deleting the large document libary, but no luck. So these guys were planning to restore them back, but unfortunately they could not find that huge document library in both site collection & site Recycle Bin(sounds weird)- Please take a look at Chris Blog, he mentioned this same problem in his blog It was very important libray though, so we were planning to restore it from Tape Backup using Symantec Backup Exec. As you may aware, Backup Exec is used to resore the specified file or document library. Using this tool, they were trying to restore the document library(which has 9720 items, and total size would 29GB) from Tape Backup to SharePoint site. But, they could not able to restore it(i.e., 29GB) back using backup exec for various reasons. So, the network administrators have decided to restore it to UNC path. Instead of restoring to C:\, they could restore it to the document library.


Not able to restore huge document libary(i.e., 29GB) to sharepoint site


Create a document library and select action->open with windows explorer(please make sure that webclient services have enabled, if not this option wont work). It will open a document library within the windows explorer. Use this UNC path to restore by using symantech back exec.

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