Essential ToolBox for .NET Developers

14 Apr

I got a chance to work on following awesome tools. So, I would like to share my experience and tips using these tools.

However, there are a number of third-party SQL query editors that offer the features developers today take for granted. One such product is ApexSQL Edit version 2005.03, by ApexSQL. ApexSQL Edit boasts a number of time-saving features, the most impressive one being the Object MemberLists, which provides functionality much like IntelliSense. Type a query, like “SELECT * FROM…”, and immediately a drop-down list appears listing the database’s tables. This feature also extends to columns, variables, parameters, procedures, and so forth. Once you start writing queries using MemberLists, having to go back to an editor without it feels like running underwater. This feature alone could save you countless keystrokes and typos and makes ApexSQL Edit an interesting tool for any developer’s toolbox.

Write, Test, or Execute Queries
Source Control : Microsoft has long offered developers Visual SourceSafe®, which was last upgraded with the Visual Studio 2005 release. Now, with Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft has released another source control tool, one designed specifically for supporting much larger developer teams.

The TortoiseSVN Interface

One such popular open-source offering is Subversion version 1.4.2. Like other such tools, Subversion provides a centralized repository for storing source code and maintains a history of changes. Subversion can be configured to support access to its repositories through HTTP and HTTPS, enabling remote developers to interface with the source code repository. And Subversion also supports both the “check-in, modify, check-out” and “modify and merge” workflows.Fortunately, an additional open-source project-TortoiseSVN-provides a more user-friendly, graphical interface, although there is no Visual Studio integration. However, TortoiseSVN is integrated with the Windows shell. Once you have established a working directory for a particular Subversion repository, you can lock, merge, update, diff, or view statistics for any file by right-clicking on it in Windows Explorer and choosing the appropriate option from the TortoiseSVN context menu. Don’t let TortoiseSVN’s lack of Visual Studio integration dissuade you from considering Subversion. In fact, soon after I started using Subversion, I found the Windows shell to be a more intuitive interface for working with the underlying source control system than the Visual Studio IDE.

Regular Expression Editor: For developers new to regular expressions, the mishmash of text and special characters can quickly lead to incomprehensible gobbledygook. When creating a regular expression pattern in code using Visual Studio®, there’s no tool support. Gone are color syntax highlighting and IntelliSense®, and there’s no easy way to debug or test a regular expression pattern within Visual Studio. For more information, please have a look at Roy Osherove’s (weblogs.ASP.NET/rosherove) toolbox(

The Regulator

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